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Stand Up Straight and Pay Attention!!!

Posted 27th May, 2010 by

One of the best things about teaching burlesque is that you can dress up and really don’t have to wear the regular old “work out wear” that people mostly associate with exercising.  To be honest, I don’t think you ever have to wear tracksuits and old sweats to exercise but that is an opinion for another day!  Here is what the lovely Adora Derriere and I... • read more •

Cute Nails for Every Occasion

Posted 26th May, 2010 by

I have never been much of a nail painter.  I just love the look of painted nails (especially vintage manicures like the ones that Dita Von Teese is always sporting) but I have really weak nails that just don’t grow and are super short, stubby and gross.  When I used to get manicures at my local beauty parlour in Bangkok (the only time in my life... • read more •


Posted 24th May, 2010 by

Here in Perthville, we recently hosted a Lindy Hop exchange.  Hullaballoo to be exact.  For those not in the know, a lindy hop exchange is where people from all over Australia (and sometimes the world) come together for dancing good times.  Hulla is always such a blast!  The organisers did a great job this year.  Each night had a theme kind of based around old movies from the Casablanca... • read more •

The Greats

Posted 22nd May, 2010 by

You know, there was a rumour going around back in the day of a massive rivalry between two of the greats of musical film, Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  The two were actually fast friends and Gene was the one who convinced Fred to come out of retirement after Gene couldn’t take a role in a film due... • read more •

Everybody’s Doing the Charleston!

Posted 21st May, 2010 by

Oh how I love to charleston!  Often when I tell people about what kind of dancing I do, I’m met with blank stares, lots of questions and it may even require a demonstration.  So here is a little education for you.  Charleston is a dance that was at the height of it’s popularity in the 1920’s.  It’s origins are within the African American dance community... • read more •

Backstage in Vegas

Posted 19th May, 2010 by

PHEW!  I am finally recovered from our last massive show, Viva Lust Vegas.  It was amazing!  It almost killed me but it was an absolute smash success.  Sold out as a matter of fact!  Incredible!  It’s also the first show where I managed a four hoops split successfully (aka I managed to keep them all moving at once and not have one very sadly fall... • read more •

The Hoop Man Can!

Posted 17th May, 2010 by

As I have previously mentioned, I’m the resident hula hooper here at Sugar Blue.  I started doing it just for something different for my acts and different from the other ladies. Plus I have secretly always wanted to learn.  It looked like a jolly good bit of fun. I picked up the basics fairly quickly but they will only get you so far.  Just spinning the hoop and prancing... • read more •

T for Everyone!

Posted 13th May, 2010 by

A weekend or two ago my lovely friend Trevor “The Hutch” Hutchison (graphic design wunderkin, lindy hop badass, all round nice guy and quite possibly the most dapper gent I know) celebrated a birthday.  With a costume party.  A “T” themed costume party to be exact.  Predictably, the Sugar Blue girls and I love a costume party.  I was exceptionally excited about this one.  I spent ages coming up... • read more •

The Last Ziegfeld

Posted 12th May, 2010 by

Image via Broadway Cares I have just come across the sad news that Doris Eaton Travis, the last surviving Ziegfeld Follie and silent film actress, died yesterday at the regal age of 106.  Wasn’t she just stunning!  Her face is very ethereal and fairy-like. She was only 14 when she joined the Follies, the youngest to debut with them ever.  She was such an inspiration.  It really... • read more •

The Artists Corner – Angelique Houtkamp

Posted 11th May, 2010 by

Last year, the lovely boy and I purchased a house.  An adorable little weatherboard affair built in 1927.  Sadly the poor dwelling had fallen into a state of disrepair and we have been diligently restoring it to some of it’s orginal splendor.  We have always been renters so it’s really quite exciting to be able to make changes and have everything exactly how you want... • read more •
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