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Posted 22nd May, 2010 by

You know, there was a rumour going around back in the day of a massive rivalry between two of the greats of musical film, Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  The two were actually fast friends and Gene was the one who convinced Fred to come out of retirement after Gene couldn’t take a role in a film due to injury.  They were both just so amazing.

This clip never fails to put a smile on my face for so many reasons.  The boater hats, the tap dance fighting, the EVERYTHING!  I love seeing their different styles of dance on display, Fred’s lightness and grace versus Gene’s power and athleticism.

You know there was also a saying that you would save their body for Gene Kelly but your heart for Fred Astaire.  This, unlike the previously mentioned rumour, is entirely true.

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