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Burlesque Mythbusters: Part 3

Posted 5th April, 2017 by

You’re still here? YAY! Please enjoy the final episode of my ranting and pathological over-thinking below. And as ever, I’d love to know your thoughts. SWAROVSKIS DON’T MAKETH THE STRIPPER You don’t need Swarovskis. YOU. DON’T. NEED. SWAROVSKIS. I don’t need to see a receipt to judge if I like your act. I don’t care how much money you spent. It does not make you... • read more •

Burlesque Mythbusters: Part 2

Posted 4th April, 2017 by

Yesterday we talked about some of the aspects of being a “Burlesquer”. Now let’s get into some issues you might face on this rollercoaster of emotions and experiences as a burlesque devotee. I WON A THING Hooray! Doesn’t it feel like a new competition springs up every month? And nearly everyone has a title of some sort (or creates their own)? Some of us place... • read more •

Burlesque Mythbusters: Part 1

Posted 3rd April, 2017 by

Hey you! Yes YOU! READ MY BLOG” Lovers, This day one year ago was one of the hardest I’ve had. I was dragged through the media (even internationally) and shamed by a sad, unapologetic misogynist for not adhering to his archetype of femininity. For the past couple of weeks in the lead up to this unfortunate anniversary I’ve thought about a few things and when... • read more •

Nothing Grows in Shadows

Posted 11th September, 2014 by

Being a new-comer in a foreign land and attempting to find a place in a new community without pissing people off or contributing to saturation was always going to be difficult. What I never considered was the new perspective gained from exiting a functional and impressively ethical community and entering a new and unknown one. Delilah Dynamite (Photo by Agatha Frisky)   Studying psychology for... • read more •

In Focus: The Man Behind The Camera

Posted 27th January, 2014 by

Let me introduce you to a wonderful gem of a guy: Mr John Leonard. Or as I like to call him; The Magical Clicky Photo Wizard. If you haven’t met him personally you have likely seen and admired his handiwork and if you have been to a Sugar Blue Show you have almost certainly been photographed by him. John is a humble fellow. So much... • read more •
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