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Rose Noir and her 10 questions with Agatha Frisky

Posted 26th August, 2014 by

Rose Noir by David Woolley Back in ole’ January of this year, at the tail end of the Fringe Festival, I invited Perth burlesque performer Agatha Frisky over for a chat and a cup of tea and she very graciously allowed me to delve into her burlesque obsessed mind. Miss Frisky is the 2013 Western Australian state winner of the Miss Burlesque Australia competition. So, ... • read more •

Fringe World Perth 2014: Opening Night in the Pleasure Garden

Posted 26th January, 2014 by

  Opulent venues steeped in history, luscious surroundings, surprising local talent, the promise of something magical about to begin floating in the’s Fringe World Festival Perth 2014!  I’ve been lucky enough to hostess – dress up in a costume, welcome “fringe dwellers” and add to the atmosphere – since the Perth Fringe Festival germination and I was so delighted to be asked to hostess... • read more •

The Irresistibility of the Femme Fatale

Posted 30th September, 2013 by

Of all of the archetypes that exist, the femme fatale is my favourite. Infinitely more interesting than the virgin (although she too has her charm), the femme fatale is the thinking man’s sex symbol. She’s dangerous, she’s dark and she’s no man’s property. The 1920’s had the vamp but when I think “femme fatale” my mind goes straight to the 1940’s. Ava Gardner in ‘The... • read more •

Boardwalk Beauties, A Budding Burlesque Starlet’s account

Posted 25th August, 2013 by

They say that anticipation makes things all the sweeter and it must be true because my debut into a BIG Sugar Blue show was oh so delicious. Boardwalk Beauties was a 1920’s themed show held at the Fly By Night in Fremantle, WA on the 24th August 2013, taking a stroll along a 1920’s boardwalk and through the myriad delights that it had to offer.... • read more •
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