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Sparkle Sparkle

Posted 1st December, 2011 by

The number one question I get asked when talking to people after shows is “Oh my god!!! How do you do you lips like that!”.  By “like that” I mean glitter lips!  Glitter lips are a burlesque make-up staple.  It looks AMAZING on stage.  It add that little extra hint of glamour and faboulousness to your act.  And we can always do with a little... • read more •

The Newest Hero on My List

Posted 20th June, 2011 by

This guy. This guy is AMAZING! His name is Captain Kidd aka Mark Winmill. He recently won the title of Mr Exotic World at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend in Las Vegas. Oh and did I mentioned he is Australian? I pretty much want to have his hula hooping babies or failing that, do an act with him at some point in my career. SUCH... • read more •

Miss Burlesque Australia 2011 – or – We Are The Champions

Posted 19th June, 2011 by

Hello Lovelies!  It was the WA heats for Miss Burlesque Australia last Saturday. Its was a damn fun evening full on fun, frivolity and friends with burly-q girls from all over Perth competing for the title. I was a judge (which was ridiculously hard may I say) along with some other lovely Perth burlesque peeps. For me it was a personal treat because I so... • read more •

The Cupcakes in Marie Claire

Posted 14th June, 2011 by

Hello Poppets! Another little thing that kept me busy while I have been away was this! HEY! It’s me! I was in the June issue of Marie Claire! I shared the pages with some of my other Miss Burlesque Australia contestants. I had a total blast. See those shoes I’m wearing? $2000! YES! AMAZING! Oh the things one can do with the Marie Claire styling... • read more •

1 Minute and 45 Seconds of Fame – or – I was on “Australia’s Got Talent”

Posted 14th June, 2011 by

Hello Lovelies! It’s been a while. Things have been a little hectic at Cupcakes HQ! But I’m back! So here is one of the things that’s been keeping me away.  I recently auditioned for “Australia’s Got Talent”. Here’s my clip. I was on TV y’all, being a goof. I’m slowly making my way up that Perthonality ladder.  Sadly, I didn’t get any further than this... • read more •

Painterly Pin-up

Posted 31st May, 2011 by

I have previously posted about the marvelous work Angelique Houtkamp and how inspiring it is, especially the way she draws womans faces. Her aesthetic is very 1920’s pin up. I use her style as inspiration for when I do charleston/ vaudeville acts. So, as promised, here is a little tutorial on how to do your makeup to look like an Angelique pin-up. This is definitely... • read more •

Spiegel Sneak Peeks! #2

Posted 9th February, 2011 by

Another little snippet of an act you might see during Burly-Q & Ballyhoo!  Unfortunately it’s sold out but you can live vicariously through these little treats!  If you did manage to snaffoo a ticket you get excited! See you tomorrow lovelies with a review of Frisky and Mannish. I’m going tonight and I’m pretty chuffed about it! Clara xoxo • read more •

Wowed by the Wau Waus

Posted 8th February, 2011 by

One of the very best things about being part of Fringe World is getting to see all the AMAZING artists that are here.  Last night I took myself the see the Wau Wau Sisters in their sold out show “The Last Supper”.  I’d heard they were amazing but I went in not sure what to expect. I can tell you right now to expect EVERYTHING!  They were incredible!  I don’t... • read more •

Fringe World Opening Night!

Posted 6th February, 2011 by

Fringe Word is officially open!  How exciting! It was such a fun night!  Thursday was mostly for friends, family and sponsors.  Everyone was in a great mood and in total awe of the incredible world of Perth Fringe. The fabulous fringe MCs Fanny La Rue and Baron FrauHausen.  I pretty much fall over laughing any time they come out on stage.  Seriously the most hilarious people I... • read more •

Spiegel Sneak Peeks! #1

Posted 4th February, 2011 by

Here’s a little taster of something you might see if you come along to Burly-Q & Ballyhoo at the Spiegeltent.  I’ll be keeping these little treats coming throughout the run of the festival. I hope that’s wet you appetite.  Stay tuned darlings!  This is only the starter! Clara xoxo • read more •
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