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The Cupcakes in Marie Claire

Posted 14th June, 2011 by

Hello Poppets!
Another little thing that kept me busy while I have been away was this!
HEY! It’s me! I was in the June issue of Marie Claire! I shared the pages with some of my other Miss Burlesque Australia contestants. I had a total blast. See those shoes I’m wearing? $2000! YES! AMAZING! Oh the things one can do with the Marie Claire styling wardrobe! Hilariously, this is also the second last shot. It took a really long time to get it right. I have a new found respect for models.The photo was shot by the incredible Alexia Sinclair. My eyes nearing bugged out of my head when I realised she was shooting me. Her work is out of the world. Do go have a peek.

See you next time sweets!


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