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Vintage wedding hair and make-up inspiration!

Posted 1st March, 2017 by

Vintage styled hair & make-up is the best compliment to a gorgeous retro style wedding dress. Here are some gorgeous photos of hair & make-up styling from popular eras which inspire vintage weddings today. 1920’s  1930’s    1940’s  1950’s  1960’s If you love all things vintage and retro, one of the Sugar Blue Burlesque Hens night packages is the perfect activity to do before your special... • read more •

Inspirations within Burlesque

Posted 5th December, 2013 by

I draw inspiration from all genres of dance and fellow artists. From the revolutionary women of the day who started it all, through to the revival with Dita Von Teese. Some of the most recent performances that I have had the privilege to watch up close and personal from side of stage, would have to be Perle Noire and Miss Betsy Rose. Truly breathe taking... • read more •

Shoes, Shoes, Wonderful Shoes!

Posted 27th August, 2012 by

How much cerebral activity have you directed towards your heels lately? We (almost) all love collecting, wearing and shopping for shoes. But have you thought about how different styles of high heels became popular or how that popularity has changed throughout history? And who donned the first ever pair of high heels? Who currently owns the most shoes in the world? How tall is the tallest... • read more •

The Last Ziegfeld

Posted 12th May, 2010 by

Image via Broadway Cares I have just come across the sad news that Doris Eaton Travis, the last surviving Ziegfeld Follie and silent film actress, died yesterday at the regal age of 106.  Wasn’t she just stunning!  Her face is very ethereal and fairy-like. She was only 14 when she joined the Follies, the youngest to debut with them ever.  She was such an inspiration.  It really... • read more •

Betty with a Y not Bettie with an IE.

Posted 5th May, 2010 by

Betty and her million dollar legs in the greatest pin-up shot of ALL TIME! I know I’ve only just posted about Bettie Page but when I was trawling youtube for some clips I came across this enchanting little number by Betty Grable.  I used to love her (still do!) and completely forgot she was a song and dance lady as well as a great actress. ... • read more •

The Queen of the Pin-ups

Posted 3rd May, 2010 by

I would be surprised if you hadn’t heard of Bettie Page.  Like quite literally like “OH MY GOD! You don’t know who Bettie Page is?????”.  But then again I would have the same reaction if you told me you hadn’t read any Terry Pratchett books “You WHAT!!? Quick, take my copy of The Colour of Magic and read it immediately!!!” (I’m such a nerd *sigh*).... • read more •

Making Old Thing New Again

Posted 23rd April, 2010 by

Image courtesy of Sense and Sensibility Patterns My goodness!  It’s well into 2010 already!  Over a quarter of the way in as a matter of fact. I am thinking it is going to be a pretty spectacular year in my opinion.  I have so so many things planned already.  I’ve already made many a list in my diary on lovely lined postits (my new favourite thing in... • read more •

Ginger Footed

Posted 21st April, 2010 by

I absolutley LOVE this clip of Ginger Rogers doing the charleston. The scene was cut from the original movie.  I am normally all about the big crazy wacky charleston but something about Ginger’s precision and girliness just fills me with dancing delight! Isn’t it wonderful!? So cute it kills me! I used it as inspiration for some of the choreography in a new rountine I did for our Per>Lon show.  More... • read more •
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