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Ginger Footed

Posted 21st April, 2010 by

I absolutley LOVE this clip of Ginger Rogers doing the charleston. The scene was cut from the original movie.  I am normally all about the big crazy wacky charleston but something about Ginger’s precision and girliness just fills me with dancing delight!

Isn’t it wonderful!? So cute it kills me! I used it as inspiration for some of the choreography in a new rountine I did for our Per>Lon show.  More on that later dumplings.  Needless to say, I am pretty excited about this act!  I am already planning improvements and costume tweaks.

Now I just HAVE to share this with you.  I found this clip when I was looking for the one above.  It’s Ginger Rogers and Lucille Ball charlestoning on an episode of “Here’s Lucy”.  She is 74. 74!!!!  If I can still move like that when I am 50 I would count myself lucky.  I also just adore Lucille Ball so it’s a double treat!  She did her fair share of flappering back in the day.  Enjoy!

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