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My wonderful students!

Posted 19th December, 2013 by

Sugar Blue classes attract a variety of lovelies – ladies AND gents, tall and short, wide and narrow (in varying places), young and not quite so young. Very often, new students are seeking a way to feel glamorous, sexy, learn new dance moves, wear gorgeous costumes, meet new people. For some ladies, it’s a tentative experiment to see what their bodies can still do, their... • read more •

Too old to dance? Think again!!

Posted 19th September, 2013 by

Bologna – the Italian province and city made famous by its delicious spaghetti sauce – at a swing dance camp, is where I first encountered Frankie Manning in person. He shuffled into the hall, leaning on a cane, put down his walking aid and taught a dance class to 5 dozen enthusiastic lindy – hoppers. He was 93 years old. His son, Chazz Young, a... • read more •
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