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My wonderful students!

Posted 19th December, 2013 by


Sugar Blue classes attract a variety of lovelies – ladies AND gents, tall and short, wide and narrow (in varying places), young and not quite so young. Very often, new students are seeking a way to feel glamorous, sexy, learn new dance moves, wear gorgeous costumes, meet new people.

For some ladies, it’s a tentative experiment to see what their bodies can still do, their lives having been overtaken by other priorities like producing and nurturing future generations, keeping the economy afloat and the country generally in more or less working order.

Pursuits such as dance classes, dressing glamorously and giggling uproariously perhaps have been put on the back burner. What a joy to witness the new found swagger of ladies who’ve seen they can bump and grind in a foxy manner, who see their bodies arent a burden to haul around and obstacle to contentment and confidence but rather a wondrous vehicle to express themselves. Such satisfaction to see students discover that they can socialise in a dance class and move with just as much attitude and sass as the young uns.

To the ladies who’ve thanked me for helping them to regain their confidence through attending Sugar Blue classes, I thank you for giving yourself the opportunity to feel The Joy and for the honour of allowing me to be a part of that.

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