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‘Move of the Week’ Fifi Fontaine (Week 2)

Posted 3rd October, 2017 by

Week 2 of Sugar Blue Burlesque’s ‘Move of the Week’ comes from Fifi Fontaine with her burlesque move ‘ Dip Bump!’ If you have enjoyed this this clip, feel free to share. Check out our instructional DVDs here: or try out our vintage dance or Burlesque courses in one of our 7 locations around Perth and Mandurah   • read more •

Inspirations within Burlesque

Posted 5th December, 2013 by

I draw inspiration from all genres of dance and fellow artists. From the revolutionary women of the day who started it all, through to the revival with Dita Von Teese. Some of the most recent performances that I have had the privilege to watch up close and personal from side of stage, would have to be Perle Noire and Miss Betsy Rose. Truly breathe taking... • read more •
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