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My tassel twirling inspiration!

Posted 20th April, 2010 by

A lot of people ask me why I decided to start tassel twirling and how I learned.

A few years ago I was watching the Elvira Mistress of the Dark movie and at the end there is a fairly random scene where she does some phenomenal tassel twirling.

I thought it looked like fun and when I received my first pair of twirling pasties for Christmas that was when my fate was sealed!  I was entirely self taught and it’s one of those things where only practice, practice, practice will enable you to improve.

My technique focuses on shoulder isolations and ribcage isolations more than the bounce technique which doesn’t afford you any real control over the twirling, although it the only way I’ve found to get them to both twirl inwards or outwards.

My background in bellydance has definitely helped me along the way as that is a dance style focused strongly on isolation.

If you want to start twirling, don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work out the first time!  Just practice, practice, practice and eventually you’ll be able to have complete control over your tassels!

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