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The Last Ziegfeld

Posted 12th May, 2010 by

Image via Broadway Cares

I have just come across the sad news that Doris Eaton Travis, the last surviving Ziegfeld Follie and silent film actress, died yesterday at the regal age of 106.  Wasn’t she just stunning!  Her face is very ethereal and fairy-like. She was only 14 when she joined the Follies, the youngest to debut with them ever.  She was such an inspiration.  It really is the end of an amazing chapter in burlesque and vaudeville history.

Here is a little clip of her dancing at the age of 101.  Truly amazing.  If only we could all lead such full, amazing lives.

RIP Doris.  You will dearly missed.


p.s.  There is a really great interview with Doris in the current Zelda Magazine.  I recommend ordering a copy.  It’s my new favourite!

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