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The Artists Corner – Angelique Houtkamp

Posted 11th May, 2010 by

Last year, the lovely boy and I purchased a house.  An adorable little weatherboard affair built in 1927.  Sadly the poor dwelling had fallen into a state of disrepair and we have been diligently restoring it to some of it’s orginal splendor.  We have always been renters so it’s really quite exciting to be able to make changes and have everything exactly how you want it.  We are almost at the stage where we can start painting walls, which is what I think has sparked my new obsession with art.  I am enraptured with the idea of covering MY walls with pretty, pretty, pretty!  So I thought I might start introducing you to some of the lovely bits and pieces I have been hoarding lately, created by some very talented individuals, to hang in my personal gallery.

I am more crafty than arty myself.  I can draw a little, paint a little but not enough to call myself an artist.  Just things I do for fun.  But if I could paint and draw, I think I would want to do it like this.  Presenting, Angelique Houtkamp!

Photo via Salon Serpent 

How cute is she (side note:  I really want to start wearing bows around my neck like that. A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E.)!!!  Angelique is a tattoo artist from the Netherlands.  She started tattooing at the famous Tattoo Peter studio in Amsterdam who are reknown for their vintage, Sailor Jerry-esque style.  Angelique’s tattoos and art are also in this awesome style.

Sailors Sweetheart via Outre Gallery

Cornelia (via Outre Gallery) (sold out unfortunately but I was fortunate enough to nab one before that happened!)

I love how she draws women.  The hair, the make-up, EVERYTHING.  Her ladies are so 20’s looking, all fingerwaves, bow shaped lips, peachy cheeks and smoky eyes.  Her style is so simple yet has all these little complex elements that are completely charming.

I can’t wait to hang this beauty on the wall.  I also want this onethis one and this one.  But sadly, I can’t justify it at the moment.  I have holidays and house things that take priority.  Damn you responsiblity!!!!

I’d also love, love, LOVE to get a tattoo done by her but i’m so fickle I can’t make up my mind.  Well, that and I would need to book 3-6 months in advance and somehow haul my booty to Amsterdam.  Oh well, a girl can dream!

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