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T for Everyone!

Posted 13th May, 2010 by

A weekend or two ago my lovely friend Trevor “The Hutch” Hutchison (graphic design wunderkin, lindy hop badass, all round nice guy and quite possibly the most dapper gent I know) celebrated a birthday.  With a costume party.  A “T” themed costume party to be exact.  Predictably, the Sugar Blue girls and I love a costume party.  I was exceptionally excited about this one.  I spent ages coming up with all manner of costumes ideas, from tetris to Mr T.  I finally decided on the perfect costume and had it all planned out in my head.  It was going to be awesome!

But also predictably, with my crazy schedule and lack of sleep at times, I forgot about it until 4 days beforehand.  Oh NOES!  What was I to do!  I made a mad dash trip to Textile Traders for some inspiration and I tell you, the craft gods were shining on me that day.  I found everything I wanted for practically nothing.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was saved.  Huzzah!

Here is what I came up with.

Clara as Theda Bara!  I kid you not, this whole costume took 1 hour to make.  I bought Trixi Tassels’dress form when she left and it has been a revelation.  I just draped the chiffon and then hand stitched it onto the appliques that I used for the straps and neck line.  If you don’t have a dress form you MUST try and get your hands on one.  It will change the way you sew I swear!

A classic Theda pose.  I’m not quite as fierce as her though.

I like how the costume came out so much I am definitely going to turn it into an act.  I already have a million ideas but my main one at the moment involves emerging from a giant black rose.  A tad ambitious perhaps, but I have taken on more challenging things before!  I am ready to go to battle!

I was not the only SBB girl in attendance though!  Mia Bella was all set to attend as trailer trash but sadly she came down with a case of consumption and could not venture out of her boudoir.  Sad times.  But there was the adorable Lulu Peekaboo as Tarzan’s wife.

Grrrrrr!  Loves it!  Clearly there was some sort of barefoot theme going on with us.

And what did the birthday boy wear?  Only the greatest costume ever!

Trevformer!  Isn’t it amazing?  Even Mr T approves.  He made the whole thing himself.  That Trevor, he is a talented lad!

It was a super fun night, despite the fact that I was just getting over the influenza myself and was still a little sniffly.  VJzoo provided their delicious visual projections and Trevor provided the tunes (did I mention he is also one of the best swing DJs around? No?  Well he is!).  Here is a photo that pretty much sums up the night.

That’s just how Lulu and I roll.

Until next time!!!


All photos courtesy of the amazing, wonderful, spectacular Jasper Cook of VJzoo.

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