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Vintage wedding hair and make-up inspiration!

Posted 1st March, 2017 by

Vintage styled hair & make-up is the best compliment to a gorgeous retro style wedding dress.

Here are some gorgeous photos of hair & make-up styling from popular eras which inspire vintage weddings today.


20s hair 1930s-hairstyle 1930s-makeup-advice-actress-sari-maritza-L-JOiOLo Dorothy-Mackaill-Finger-Waves


30s hair 30s hair 2 30s Carol Lombard 1930s-Hairstyles-for-women_23


40s hair 2 40s hair 1940s-Hairstyles-Rita-Hayworth 1940s marilyn


50s hair 50s hair elizabeth taylor 50s hair 2 Marilyn-monroe_hairdressing-glamour_von50


60s hair 5 60s hair 6 60s hair 4 60s hair 3 60s hair 2 60's hair vintage-hairstyle-1960s 50's audrey hepburn

If you love all things vintage and retro, one of the Sugar Blue Burlesque Hens night packages is the perfect activity to do before your special day. The packages include Burlesque, 1920’s Charleston Dance, 1960’s Go-Go Dance, Vintage Cabaret Dance themes and are available in Perth and Melbourne.


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