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Frolic with Fanny and Friends Show pics!

Posted 29th May, 2011 by

Last Thursday at the Astor Theatre in Mt Lawley as part of the Wild West Comedy Festival, Sugar Blue Burlesque put on a comedy/burlesque show and here are the pics!!

All pics by Gregory Bruyer


Our MCs Fanny La Rue and Diggy Bones! To the right, Kitty Litteur.


Lulu Peekaboo doing her ‘I Love Lucy’ tribute and to the right is Sapphire Demure doing her funny and sexy chair dance to ‘It’s business Time’ by the Flight of the Conchords.


Fanny serenading the audience with a filthy song. To the right, poor Louis Unlucky in Love with Lulu Peekaboo.


With a parisian mime act, Mia Bella and Clara Cupcakes take the stage!


One of my favourite acts of all time by Sapphire Demure, her tribute to Pricilla Queen of the Desert and then our clean up cabana boy Uncle Shooshy to the right.


The very funny Kitty Litteur in her Little Bo Peep act.


Then we have Lulu Peekaboo as a dirty seaman meeting her mermaid, Coco Poppin.


Clara Cupcakes and Mia Bella play Tea for Two!

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