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The Pearl

Posted 3rd February, 2011 by

Fringe World kicks off today! OH MY GOODNESS!  It’s so exciting.  Things have been abuzz here at Sugar Blue Burlesque in preparation.  There has been so much scheming and planning.  So many ideas and costumes flying around.  There is just a general air of crazy happy giddiness and anticipation.   And here’s why. Perth (through some damn hard work and tireless efforts from the wonderful people at ArtRage) now... • read more •

Burlesque – The Movie

Posted 16th November, 2010 by

So some of you may have heard there is a movie coming out called “Burlesque” starring Christina Aguilera and Cher.  Here is a little synopsis of the film fromWiki: Ali Rose (Christina Aguilera) is a small-town girl with a big voice who escapes hardship and an uncertain future to follow her dreams to Los Angeles. After stumbling upon The Burlesque Lounge, a majestic but ailing... • read more •

Monkey See, Monkey Do.

Posted 11th November, 2010 by

One of my favourite performers at the New York Burlesque Festival was the amazing boylesquer, The Evil Hate Monkey.  He is the current Mister Exotic World and normally performs with his partner in crime Trixie Little.  I love, love, LOVE this performance.  I just couldn’t stop laughing!  He went a little further (as in more nekkid) than this in New York but I would still say it’s NSFW.... • read more •

Ukulele Love

Posted 10th November, 2010 by

Ukulele fever seems to have hit us at Sugar Blue of late.  Mia Bella and I have gone a little gaga for ukulele.  The difference between us being Mia can actually play and I can’t.  But I have always dreamed of ukulele stardom and I’ll be damned if I don’t get there. I picked up this little cutie today.  I did go in just wanting... • read more •

More Powell to You

Posted 8th November, 2010 by

Sorry for being so absent ladies and gents!  Things have been a little on the crazy side around here.  But I am back!  YES!! With a vengeance?  We shall see! Anyhoo, I am still full of ideas for acts and I’m absorbing inspiration like some kind of swarovski encrusted sponge.  My lastest endeavor is an act inspired by my favourite lady dancer of all time, Eleanor Powell.  ... • read more •


Posted 1st October, 2010 by

I’m at the New York Burlesque festival right now and I’m feeling quite inspired!  I have a million ideas swimming around in my head.  I’m thinking about a Queen Elizabeth act with a giant wig.  YES!  Also, a balloon pop tease with a twist.  Perhaps involving the making of balloon animals (finally, useless skill #139 put to use.  Take that Toys ‘R’ Us)! I’ll keep... • read more •

Oh Hai!

Posted 27th September, 2010 by

Long time no blog.  Boo me!  But the excellent news now is, I have a brand new Mac.  Not the horrid little HP I had before.  What does this mean for you?  Video tutorials!  More post because I won’t get so cranky at my computer and give up!  Video’s of my cats (the best thing I think) and just more awesome in general.  Huzzah! Oh... • read more •

Boylesque Pythons

Posted 21st August, 2010 by

I’ve been looking for some inspiration for the next Sugar Blue Revue, “The Speakeasy” and came across this little gem from Monty Python.  It’s the Secretary of the Commonwealth boylesque routine after the rather questionable stripping doctor.  Oh Terry Jones!  You make me chuckle! Be prepared to see some of this (especially the pants twirling – GENIUS) in the show along with some other hilarious hijinks. I’ll be... • read more •

Face Sleep!!!

Posted 16th August, 2010 by

Gretchen likes to hang out with me when I’m working, whether I’m sewing a costume or answering a billion emails.   It’s very hard work for her, supervising me and making sure I’m not slacking off, and sometimes she just needs a little power nap. Oh gosh!  I can’t even tell you how much it makes me laugh to look over and see her like this. ... • read more •


Posted 15th August, 2010 by

It’s very rare that I am truly inspired by another hula hooper.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some amazing talent performers out there but a lot of it is very samey samey.  Especially the Russian ex gymnast/ballerina types.  Some of the tricks they do are just so unrelatable. I doubt I’ll every be able to pull my foot up to my head and spin... • read more •
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