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Monkey See, Monkey Do.

Posted 11th November, 2010 by

One of my favourite performers at the New York Burlesque Festival was the amazing boylesquer, The Evil Hate Monkey.  He is the current Mister Exotic World and normally performs with his partner in crime Trixie Little.  I love, love, LOVE this performance.  I just couldn’t stop laughing!  He went a little further (as in more nekkid) than this in New York but I would still say it’s NSFW.
So many people ask me “What is boylesque?”.  I think this is damn good example.   Tongue in cheek, quirky, complete hilariousness.  I think boylesque needs to be a little kooky and hilarious.  I think Mr Hate Monkey really embodies that.   Otherwise it just ends up being a Man Power semi naked thrusting man dance entertainment thing.   ICK!Here is a clip of him with the lovely Miss Little.  They tend to do a lot of acro balance type stuff and I love this one with the addition of the fans.  An interesting twist on a classic act.  I love it when burlesque dancers think outside the box.  These two get right out and run circles around it.  Definitely NSFW!

See you soon poppets!


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