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Ukulele Love

Posted 10th November, 2010 by

Ukulele fever seems to have hit us at Sugar Blue of late.  Mia Bella and I have gone a little gaga for ukulele.  The difference between us being Mia can actually play and I can’t.  But I have always dreamed of ukulele stardom and I’ll be damned if I don’t get there.

I picked up this little cutie today.  I did go in just wanting a very plain natural wooden ukulele but I couldn’t really resist the pink sparkles.So far I can only play one song.   I did teach myself to tune it today which made me mighty proud.  I hope to one day be as masterful as my favourite ukulele gal,Janet Klein.  She is so amazing.  Listening to her put the biggest smile on my dial.

Enjoy lovelies!  See you next.


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