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Posted 8th November, 2010 by

Sorry for being so absent ladies and gents!  Things have been a little on the crazy side around here.  But I am back!  YES!! With a vengeance?  We shall see!

Anyhoo, I am still full of ideas for acts and I’m absorbing inspiration like some kind of swarovski encrusted sponge.  My lastest endeavor is an act inspired by my favourite lady dancer of all time, Eleanor Powell.   If you have never seen her before go now an YouTube her furiously.  She was INCREDIBLE!  If I was 1/10th as good of a dancer as Eleanor I could die happy.  She has so much passion and technique. Her turns, oh they get me every time.  This little clip is her as a matador from the 1942 movie “Ship Ahoy” (I think).
I bought some new bright red throwing fans in New York  and was playing with them whilst watching Eleanor clips with Sapphire Demure in Sydney (for the Miss Burlesque final – more on that later).  I was looking at the costume and telling Sapphire she must make me one.  Then it hit me!  The throwing fans would be perfect for a matador act!  I need a show to do it in now!  I’m already super excited about it.  I just need to find the right music.
Any suggestions poppets?
Until next time
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