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Posted 3rd February, 2011 by

Fringe World kicks off today! OH MY GOODNESS!  It’s so exciting.  Things have been abuzz here at Sugar Blue Burlesque in preparation.  There has been so much scheming and planning.  So many ideas and costumes flying around.  There is just a general air of crazy happy giddiness and anticipation.   And here’s why.

Perth (through some damn hard work and tireless efforts from the wonderful people at ArtRage) now OWNS a Spiegeltent.  Not on loan, not just visiting for a little while.  Owns.  It’s ours.  And it’s the bees knees.

SO PRETTY!  For those of you who are currently looking blankly at your screen thinking “What on earth is a Spiegeltent?”, shame on you!  Okay maybe not.  Most people have not known what it is when I have excitedly jabbered to them about it.  So here is what you need to know.

A Spiegeltent is a 19th century traveling entertainment venue.  They used to travel all throughout Europe and were used for anything from vaudeville shows to just being a straight out tavern for the townsfolk to drink.  Spiegel means “mirror” in Dutch and mirrors they have.  Not just mirrors but beautiful paneled wood, stained glass and gorgeous drapery.  There are many of them all over the world, all different and all just stunning.  Ours is named “the Pearl”  and she is no exception!  Just look at her!  So beautiful!

The Pearl comes to us all the way from Belgium and was built by the Klessens family, who are Spiegeltent builders from generations back, in 1908.  This is part of what makes this tent so special and unique.  It is the very first time the Klessens have ever sold one of their tents.  EVER.  So amazing!  It’s a complete credit to ArtRage that they were able to do this and completely incredible that the Klessens were willing to give us one of their tents!  Here is a little documentary on the Klessens and their beautiful tents.

Klessens Story met ondertitels. from Stef Van Huffel on Vimeo.

I first fell in love with Spiegeltents when I stepped inside the Famous Spiegeltent in Melbourne for an event at MLX.  I was completely taken aback with how stunning it was and I really wanted to perform there even though this was long before I started burlesque.  Now that dream is coming true, I find I have to pinch myself everyday to make sure that it’s real!  Sugar Blue is lucky enough to be putting on a show in the Pearl over two nights during the fringe festival.  We’re performing along side some AMAZING acts from all over the world that have been brought in just for the Festival!  At $25 a pop you have no excuse not to go and check out one of the amazing shows.  There will be Sugar Blue performers floating around most nights along with many other talented artists from all over Perth.   Basically, the Pearl is the place to be.

You can catch Sugar Blue specifically with Fanny La Rue’s Late Night Treats, The Spiegeltent Spectacular Variety Show and in our very own production Burly-Q & Ballyhoo, directed by yours truly!  More tickets have just been released for a bunch of the shows, including ours so get clicking and get your Fringe Binge started!

You can also be friends with the Pearl on Facebook (she is pretty hip and social media savvy for a girl who is 103).  You really should go and visit her at the Perth Cultural Centre (here’s a map).  Go and have a gander!  You will be sad if you miss it!

See you on the Fringe!



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