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Fringe World Opening Night!

Posted 6th February, 2011 by

Fringe Word is officially open!  How exciting!

It was such a fun night!  Thursday was mostly for friends, family and sponsors.  Everyone was in a great mood and in total awe of the incredible world of Perth Fringe.
The fabulous fringe MCs Fanny La Rue and Baron FrauHausen.  I pretty much fall over laughing any time they come out on stage.  Seriously the most hilarious people I know

The serpentine Miss Jane as a caged cobra for the evening.  She managed to forget her headpiece but myself and fellow burlesque emergency ninja Kitty Litteur fashioned her a fabulous snake like hairstyle to compensate.

Max Balls has been performing at the Fringe and he is pretty excited about it!

We had some lovely performers from Twisted Vaudeville roaming around and performing!

And the fabulous Night Norns.  They were amazing!


Lulu Peekaboo and I tried to hoop together.  It didn’t really work out as planned!

I also did a little performance myself.  My damn head piece kept falling in front of my eyes but I made it work.

Tunes were spun by the ever dapper Trevor Hutchison.

It was a great night and there is still 3 weeks to go!  You MUST get down there!  There are fun things on every night and will not be disappointed.

Until next time!


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