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Posted 1st December, 2011 by

The number one question I get asked when talking to people after shows is “Oh my god!!! How do you do you lips like that!”.  By “like that” I mean glitter lips!  Glitter lips are a burlesque make-up staple.  It looks AMAZING on stage.  It add that little extra hint of glamour and faboulousness to your act.  And we can always do with a little more fabulous yes??  So here is a little mini tutorial on how to pretty up your pout!
– lipliner
– lipstick (I’m using red but you can use any colour you like to match your glitter)
– fine glitter (sadly, this brand has been discontinued but there are plenty of cosmetic grade glitters out there)
– clear sticky lip gloss or (what I use) She-Laq by Benefit 
– scotch tape (weird but very important)
Okay lovelies!  Lets start by preparing your lips in the usual way.  Use the liner to draw the shape you desire and then fill in the rest of your lips with the liner as well.  As a little side note, I don’t understand people who don’t use lip liner, especially with red lipstick.  It help stop feathering, makes it much easier  and my lipstick lasts 5 times longer than if I just pop it on straight from the tube.  If you don’t use liner you a dang crazy fool.  That’s all I’m saying.
So, anywhoo, I am using  a lip pencil in Cherry and lipstick in Ruby Woo (my favourite!) by MAC.  I’m doing a 50’s lip shape here but it works with any and all styles.  I particularly like it with a little 1920’s little bow lip.  It adds a little glitz it a very dark film noir look.   Take your lip brush (another thing you are dang crazy without), load it up with lipstick and go over your lip liner.
*MWAH* Perfect!  Now we get to the bling. There are a few different ways to do this.  We all do it a little differently from girl to girl in the troupe.  But these are the three main ways we glitter up our lips.
1 – Pressing the glitter straight over your lipstick.  I am not a big fan of this because I mostly use matte lipsticks and I find that they are a little too dry to be able to press as much glitter into them as I like.  But if you use a more moisturising lipstick then this would work quite well.  The only major problem I have with this is that it doesn’t have much longevity and the glitter has the potential so smudge and shift.  But I am the worst person at messing up and smudging my make up.2. Slick on some sticky lip gloss and press the glitter onto it.  If you are going to do this you want to uses a very, very thin layer.  You don’t want the glitter melting down you face under the hot lights.  I recommend clear Lipglass by MAC or  Shock Gloss by Rimmel.3. My own personal method.  Applying a make up sealant (like She-Laq or Lipstick Lock by Rimmel) very thinly to your lips and pressing the glitter onto it.  I like this method the best as I find it has the best  longevity and can hold the most glitter.  You don’t want to use too much because instead of  drying light and flexible, it will dry hard and crusty and the glitter will flake off.  I really love this stuff.  It’s great for eyeliner to,

Alright!  Enough gabbin’,  Lets get to glitterin’.

Take your chosen glitter application product and pop it on the bottom your pout.

Use a small make-up brush do dip into the glitter (She-Laq conveniently comes with some little brushes that are perfect).  You may want to dampen the brush slightly with some water to that the glitter sticks a little better.

Press the glitter onto your lips quite firmly.  Don’t be afraid to pile it on!

Repeat with the top.

You can see it’s a little messy and not as defined I generally like it.  This is where the scotch tape comes in.

Take a piece of scotch tape and press it up against you lip line when you want to remove excess glitter,  Peek it off again and then….

VOILA!  perfectly defined glitter lips.

I hope this tutorial has been helpful!  Let me know if it’s too long of if I have waffle on to much.  I would have done it as a video but I am still working out this new fangled technology.  So until next time my loves.  I hope your lives are a little more sparkley and shiny now!

Until next time.

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