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Painterly Pin-up

Posted 31st May, 2011 by

I have previously posted about the marvelous work Angelique Houtkamp and how inspiring it is, especially the way she draws womans faces. Her aesthetic is very 1920’s pin up. I use her style as inspiration for when I do charleston/ vaudeville acts. So, as promised, here is a little tutorial on how to do your makeup to look like an Angelique pin-up. This is definitely more of a look for stage/costume party/night out look as it is pretty heavy, probably too much for a day look. But it has that whole dark film noir look to it that I love.This is my first video tutorial so be kind my lovelies.  I hope it’s okay.  Enjoy!
 And now, for the recipe:
– foundation (mine is Laura Mercier Silk Creme in Rose Ivory)
– concealer (Boi ing in #01 and Erase Paste in #1 Light by Benefit)
– a pink toned blush (Pink Swoon by MAC for me!)
– hot pink blush/eye shadow (some really really old Napoleon eye shadow I have had forever which I think is this in Fuchsia)
– eye shadow primer  (Stay Don’t Stray by Benefit)
– light, mid and dark brown and black matte eye shadows (mineral eye shadows brought from Colorful Designs on etsy)
– white matte and white pearlesent eyeshadow (same as above)
– black liquid liner (Fluid Line in Black Track by MAC)
– matte red lipstick (Ruby Woo by MAC, my very favourite lipstick of all time)
– translucent setting powder (Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder)
– 2 – 3 sets of false eyelashes (mine are random brands – I brought up in bulk when I was in Thailand)You could make this look a little more wearable by using slightly lighter browns and a little less black.  You also want to use less eyelashes.  I would just put on some half eyelashes like the ones we have used on the bottom in this look. And tone back the blush a little mayhaps.  But then again, I am the queen of too much blush and eyelashes so I am not the best person to give advice on these matters.

The stunning Esme & the Laneway displaying a very wearable version  of the Angelique Houtkamp look.

Picture via

And here is Angelique wearing make-up inspired by her own paintings.

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