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Boardwalk Beauties, A Budding Burlesque Starlet’s account

Posted 25th August, 2013 by

BoardwalkBeauties800px2They say that anticipation makes things all the sweeter and it must be true because my debut into a BIG Sugar Blue show was oh so delicious.

Sugar Blue Burlesque Chorus Line

Boardwalk Beauties was a 1920’s themed show held at the Fly By Night in Fremantle, WA on the 24th August 2013, taking a stroll along a 1920’s boardwalk and through the myriad delights that it had to offer. Adam Hall and his band seduced the audience with the intoxicating sounds of jazz.

Adam Hall and the Hot 5 Brass Band Booby Trap & Scarlet O'Harlot

Amongst these delights were a Strongman, a sultry lady of the night, a never-ending line of Showgirls, charleston dancers, topless bathing, an adorable balloon act and more…

_DSC2985 _DSC3353 _DSC2934


My Fortune Teller act beckoned the audience away from the bright lights to a dark and mysterious place. Rose Noir by John Leonard

Coco Poppin, the night’s Creative Director, did me the kindness of putting me on early, which meant that I was able to watch the rest of the show and live out my childhood fantasies watching her synchronised swimmers perform to La Mer.


The show’s explosive ending culminated in a group fan dance with a gender-bending twist and the divide between stage and audience dissolving into a riotous dance party!

Charlie D.Barkle, Agatha Frisky & Kitty Litteur

If you’d like to watch some of the performances from the show, you can see them on Sugar Blue Burlesque’s YouTube page

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