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Posted 24th May, 2010 by

Here in Perthville, we recently hosted a Lindy Hop exchange.  Hullaballoo to be exact.  For those not in the know, a lindy hop exchange is where people from all over Australia (and sometimes the world) come together for dancing good times.  Hulla is always such a blast!  The organisers did a great job this year.  Each night had a theme kind of based around old movies from the Casablanca ball to the Western mixer.  One night was a marine themed night.  Now I am one lady who loves her nautical, probably more that is considered healthy. After looking in my wardrobe for an outfit for the night, I discovered I had a lot more seafaring gear than I realised.  So I decided one night was not enough and that I was going to be a sailorette for the entire exchange!  Here is the result:

Dress: Vintage (Seams Classic on Etsy)
Hair Bow: Astraea on Etsy
Stockings: What Katie Did (these are the best stockings EVER. Get some!  Right now!)
Shoes: Vintage (from the Retro Market)

Dress: Fallen Feathers (custom made for me by Sapphire Demure!)
Brooch: Some awesome junk shop in Kyoto
Belt: Chut a Chut markets, Bangkok
Socks: ummmmm??? I have no idea!
Shoes: plimsols from Payless

Dress: Vintage (Becky Drolan on Etsy)
Brooch: Sportsgirl
Stockings: What Katie Did
Shoes: Vintage (from the Retro Market)

Blouse: Tara Starlet
Shorts: Tara Starlet
Scarf: Vintage
Stockings: What Katie Did
Garter Belt: What Katie Did
Shoes: plimsols from Payless

This outfit gained one of my favourite comments ever from my lovely friend Lexi. “CUUUUUTTTE!!!!” *makes grumpy face* “Too cute! GET OUT!”. Tehehehehhe  Also, I think the garter belt + stockings + shorts combo will be added to my regular wardrobe rotation.

Blouse: Harbour District on Etsy (it buttons up the back *sqquuueeeeee*)
Shorts: Tara Starlet
Sock Garters: Swan Clothing on Esty
Socks: Shibuya 109 in Tokyo
Shoes: Vintage (from the Retro Market)

I think it made the exchange way more fun!  I certainly had a blast.  I also got a chance to meet swing dancer and fellow burlesque-ing lady, Luna Eclipse from Peaches ‘n’ Gin.  She was a delight.  I’d love to see one of their shows!

Now just as a last little bit of fun, I thought I’d post this little video.  There are actually quite a few lindy hoppers in Sugar Blue Burlesque and we also love our charleston (I have previously waxed lyrical about my love for this crazy dance).  They had a charleston competition at Hulla this year and myself, Lulu Peekaboo and Mia Bella entered.  I don’t know if this link will work without you being logged into Facebook but I figured I’d just post it anyway.  Let me know if you have any issues!

2010 Hullabaloo Charleston Comp

Bye Bye Darlinks!


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