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Cute Nails for Every Occasion

Posted 26th May, 2010 by

I have never been much of a nail painter.  I just love the look of painted nails (especially vintage manicures like the ones that Dita Von Teese is always sporting) but I have really weak nails that just don’t grow and are super short, stubby and gross.  When I used to get manicures at my local beauty parlour in Bangkok (the only time in my life I suspect when I will actually be able to afford this luxury on a regular basis) the ladies would giggle at my silly short nails.  My poor nails started to suffer from very low self esteem.  But I have been inspired by the lovely Violet LeBeaux who does some amazing nail art and even more amazing craft tutorials (seriously check her out – she is also exceptionally adorable) to do something with my nails.  So I picked up these really cute polishes from Eyeko.

I got set 1 and set 2 because I can’t really control myself when it comes to things like this.  Just look at the colours!  And the labels!

GAH!  I am such a sucker for packaging!  I love the little taglines that go with the names.  But luckily these are actually really great polishes.  They go on super opaque and only need two coats.  They also dry really fast which is great for me as I am constantly ruining my nails by being impatient.  Did I mention the labels are super adorable?

As you can see I’ve already gotten into the Lilac Polish (for Lovely Nails).  Next up I think will be Posh Polish (for Ladylike Nails).  I also dug out these decals I got in Japan 3 years ago.  I really like the way they turned out.

I think I shall be painting my nails more often.  It makes me happy!!

Until next time sweets!


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