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Sugar Blue Burlesque at the London Burlesque Week!

Posted 9th July, 2010 by

Here is a clip that we have just put up of our group performance at the 2010 London Burlesque Week in May featuring myself (A’dora Derriere), Trixi Tassels and Sapphire Demure. The crazy thing is that after we performed the act the MC, Armitage Shanks, told us that it was his song that we had performed to – Klezmerde by Circus Contraption. Little did we realise before this... • read more •

Competitive Inspiration

Posted 29th June, 2010 by

Some of the Sugar Blue ladies (myself included) are going to be competing in the upcoming Miss Burlesque Australia pageant.  There are also other breathtaking Perth Burly-Q lovelies performing, including Ginger La Minge and Lola Cherry Cola, who are favourites of mine.  The Perth heat is on the 18th of July at the fabulous Fremantle Town Hall.  I can promise you this is a show not to... • read more •

Do You Hula Hoop?

Posted 5th June, 2010 by

‘Cause I sure do!!  Here is the routine from the Vegas show that I may have mentioned (I did a four split, did I mention that already?).  Words cannot describe how ecstatic I am with how the routine came out! When that 4th hoop dropped into the split, I almost screamed with happiness.  I have been working so hard to get that move.  So so... • read more •

Itty Bitty Ladies.

Posted 3rd June, 2010 by

I just love seeing other burlesque artists perform but I so rarely get the chance.  Whenever something is on, I always have other commitments or gigs of my own to perform at.  *Le Sigh*.  I usually just have to look at clips and things on the internets.  It’s just always so inspiring and interesting to see other peoples style and individual take on burlesque. Cherry... • read more •

The Greats

Posted 22nd May, 2010 by

You know, there was a rumour going around back in the day of a massive rivalry between two of the greats of musical film, Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  The two were actually fast friends and Gene was the one who convinced Fred to come out of retirement after Gene couldn’t take a role in a film due... • read more •

Everybody’s Doing the Charleston!

Posted 21st May, 2010 by

Oh how I love to charleston!  Often when I tell people about what kind of dancing I do, I’m met with blank stares, lots of questions and it may even require a demonstration.  So here is a little education for you.  Charleston is a dance that was at the height of it’s popularity in the 1920’s.  It’s origins are within the African American dance community... • read more •

The Hoop Man Can!

Posted 17th May, 2010 by

As I have previously mentioned, I’m the resident hula hooper here at Sugar Blue.  I started doing it just for something different for my acts and different from the other ladies. Plus I have secretly always wanted to learn.  It looked like a jolly good bit of fun. I picked up the basics fairly quickly but they will only get you so far.  Just spinning the hoop and prancing... • read more •


Posted 7th May, 2010 by

As I type, the lovely travellin’ ladies Adora Derriere and Sapphire Demure are heading back to our shores via auto-gyro or some other contraption from the London Burlesque Festival (sans Trixi Tassels who has decided to leave as for adventures in the world beyond – BOOOOOO!).  They have been teasing us with little postcards of how much fun they have been having via the bookface and the... • read more •

The Queen of the Pin-ups

Posted 3rd May, 2010 by

I would be surprised if you hadn’t heard of Bettie Page.  Like quite literally like “OH MY GOD! You don’t know who Bettie Page is?????”.  But then again I would have the same reaction if you told me you hadn’t read any Terry Pratchett books “You WHAT!!? Quick, take my copy of The Colour of Magic and read it immediately!!!” (I’m such a nerd *sigh*).... • read more •
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