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The Inimitable Chester Whitmore.

Posted 16th September, 2013 by

This year was the first year in five that I was not able to make it to the Herrang Dance Camp in Sweden. This is an extraordinary event that takes place in a tiny town outside of Stockholm. It is essentially a ‘swing dance’ camp which encompasses everything that comes under that umbrella term, and no, this does not in any way refer to the... • read more •

Kitty Littéur’s inspirations!!

Posted 14th September, 2013 by

Hello everyone!!! Wow!! My very first blog entry, it’s great to say hello and welcome everyone to our wonderful Sugar Blue blog!!! Burlesque is one of my great joys in life, both performing and watching (and yes, even staying up all night sewing for!) and I wanted to share a bit of why I love it so much and some of my greatest inspirations. I... • read more •

Boardwalk Beauties, A Budding Burlesque Starlet’s account

Posted 25th August, 2013 by

They say that anticipation makes things all the sweeter and it must be true because my debut into a BIG Sugar Blue show was oh so delicious. Boardwalk Beauties was a 1920’s themed show held at the Fly By Night in Fremantle, WA on the 24th August 2013, taking a stroll along a 1920’s boardwalk and through the myriad delights that it had to offer.... • read more •

Youtube is your best friend!

Posted 4th August, 2013 by

As a burlesque performer, YouTube is your best friend! It’s a never ending, ever growing resource of information, techniques and ideas 🙂 Don’t know how to perfect a certain move? You may find a jazz dancer in the US to help you. Don’t know how to apply to perfect pout? There are a thousand ladies (& gents) at your finger tips ready to show you... • read more •

Minnie Tonka’s Interview About Her Upcoming Oz Tour!

Posted 2nd October, 2012 by

As you may know by now, I have the great pleasure of bringing over the show ‘The Stage Door Johnnies & The Schlep Sisters‘ to Perth on the 16th October at the Fly By Night in Fremantle. I have seen both groups perform in the states live and it was one of the most awesome performances I have ever seen. They are both very inspirational!... • read more •
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