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Kitty Littéur’s inspirations!!

Posted 14th September, 2013 by

kitty Litteur by David WoolleyHello everyone!!! Wow!! My very first blog entry, it’s great to say hello and welcome everyone to our wonderful Sugar Blue blog!!!

Burlesque is one of my great joys in life, both performing and watching (and yes, even staying up all night sewing for!) and I wanted to share a bit of why I love it so much and some of my greatest inspirations.

I could go on for a very long time about this, but I think I’ll keep it short and sweet for now: I love burlesque because it’s awesome! It’s creative, funny, theatrical, sultry, dark, silly, sexy, crazy, simple, beautiful, cute, scary, everything and anything you want it to be! I get to be a whole new person and character every time I get out there and I think that that is an amazing thing.

To get to be creative, silly, fun, sexy, cute or whatever I want to be is an incredible thing and I am very grateful that I get to do so. I also get to meet and work with some incredible and inspiring people, including some other amazing performers on this page. I will never forget my first class with the ridiculously sexy and powerful Miss Jane. She is a woman made of confidence and joy and I can never take my eyes off her on stage! One of the most inspiring people I have met, both on and off the stage:

Next up is my all time favourite, Bettie Page. There’s so much to love about Bettie, she is an icon of burlesque and pin-up, and not matter what she is doing you can’t help but love her. (And I do mean ‘whatever’ she is doing because she has some pretty dorky moves in there!) You can’t help but be drawn in by her smile and personality on stage, she’s absolutely magnetic!

And last but not least one of my favourite performers who I have the joy of seeing as often as I can as she’s a Perth girl just like me! So much can be said about Ginger LaMinge but I would prefer for you to see it for yourselves. This is one of my favourite acts of all time, the first time I saw it I literally fell off my chair laughing!!! It greatly exemplifies so much of what I love about burlesque: it’s clever, funny and just so damn enjoyable!



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