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Pointe shoe nostalgia

Posted 11th September, 2013 by


cecile's ballet shoes

My colourful pointe shoes adorn the wall of my living room. My very first pointe shoes are on the end, extremely tattered and worn, but well loved. I think I used them for too long given how soft they became, but it’s hard to move on once pointe shoes feel comfortable, especially when they’re your first pair. A girls’ first pair of pointe shoes hold a special place in her heart. They represent years of hard work and dedication, attending class after class to strengthen her feet and ankles waiting for the day when her teacher will say that she’s ready.

The others have all been used for a variety of burlesque acts. The red shoes on the right I wore for the first time for a feather fan dance en pointe. I wear the pale pink shoes for The White Swan and Sugar Sugar. The blue pointe shoes match perfectly with my blue dress by Lady A Designs and the red pointe shoes on the left I wear for The English Rose and the Follies duo with Odile Devine.

The newest pink pointe shoes are at the other end. I haven’t worn these yet. They’re so beautiful and clean! I will probably start wearing them at ballet class to help ‘break them in’ and make them more comfortable. They will probably be worn at a special show in the future or for a new act 🙂

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