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I Heart Critters

Posted 4th July, 2010 by

These little guys are my very favourite thing about the USA.  Everyone here is so blahsay about them but how can you not get excited every time you see these critters with their cute little faces and bushy tails.  SO ADORABLE!!!  I literally made Mr A pull over when I saw my first squirrel running across the road in residential Portland.  I must have looked crazy... • read more •

The Martini Club Show pics!

Posted 30th June, 2010 by

Sugar Blue presented “The Martini Club” at Deville’s Pad on the 20th June. This is the first of a bi-monthly series throughout the year! Featuring Magician, The Wondrous Lady Lynda, Mia Bella, Coco Poppin, Lorelei Lita, myself (A’dora Derriere), Johnny Domino and hosted by Dean Martini! …Photos by Gregory Bruyer   Mc Dean Martini & Mia Bella on the right in her 30’s pantsuit... • read more •

The Emerald City

Posted 26th June, 2010 by

Hello lovelies!  Sorry for the lack of postings.  I am still having MAJOR computer issues. So anyhoo, I am in the States!  And loving it!  First stop was Seattle.  Well, actually it was LAX.  I had a giant glass of wine in the hopes it would make me sleepy.  It didn’t.  I was awake for like 40 hours or something ridiculous. Seriously a long long flight. ... • read more •


Posted 15th June, 2010 by

My goodness!  It has been a while since we spoke hasn’t it my dears?  Well I am safe and sound in the Americas.  I have seen many places and eaten many things.  I was supposed to be telling you all about it, keeping you up to date with my travels.  But I have been consistently thwarted but an evil arch nemesis.  He does not like... • read more •

I Dream of Zelda

Posted 3rd June, 2010 by

I am not one to buy magazines.  I have three or four that I read on a regular basis but I can’t abide with buying every fashion magazine out there.  I will only ever buy Vogue and the such like if there is a particularly good editorial (like this stunning Tim Walker shoot in British Vogue.  I have so much love for this issue).  I just find they... • read more •

Itty Bitty Ladies.

Posted 3rd June, 2010 by

I just love seeing other burlesque artists perform but I so rarely get the chance.  Whenever something is on, I always have other commitments or gigs of my own to perform at.  *Le Sigh*.  I usually just have to look at clips and things on the internets.  It’s just always so inspiring and interesting to see other peoples style and individual take on burlesque. Cherry... • read more •

Leaving on a Jet Plane!

Posted 2nd June, 2010 by

Hello lovelies!  Just a quick little note to let you know I am off on a holiday to the good ol’ US for a few weeks with the lovely Mr A.  I am so looking forward to it!  I am hitting Seattle, Portland, Sacramento, San Francisco, LA, Las Vegas, Boston and New York (for July 4th!).  I am also being treated to a massive Americana... • read more •

Sugar Sugar (do do do do do do)

Posted 1st June, 2010 by

Im not named Clara Cupcakes for nothing you know.  Baking cupcakes is pretty much part of my DNA.  In fact, if you cut me open I wouldn’t be surprised if I bled pink buttercream icing.  I just bake them for friends, fun and the Retro Market.  Because cupcakes are all about sharing.  In that cupcakey spirit, I’d like to share some of my favourite recipes with... • read more •

Viva Lust Vegas show – The photos!

Posted 29th May, 2010 by

Sugar Blue Burlesque ran its first Perth Sugar Blue Revue for the year on the 9th May 2010, with the fabulous theme of Viva Lust Vegas! This show featured 18 performers and 2 Mcs! It was a sold out spectacular with 500 attendees down at the Fly By Night in Fremantle! Check out all our photos below of our performances. Photographer: Gregory Bruyer    Mcs... • read more •
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