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Xmas Vintage Glamour Workshop on this Sunday 12th December!

Posted 7th December, 2010 by

Sunday December 12th workshop has a Christmas theme, meaning there will be some costumes, sets, props and accessories available to create this fun and sexy look! David has a range of different Xmas costumes for you to wear or bring your own. Email David at if you want to find out exactly what costumes and sizes are available for this special shoot! Perfect shoot in... • read more •

Sugar Blue Burlesque in new Belgian Beer Cafe Advertising Campaign!

Posted 22nd November, 2010 by

Wow, check out the new pics from the advertising campaign for the Belgian Beer Cafe  in Perth which features all Sugar Blue Performers.. can you pick who they are?Photographer: Damien Smith Design: Redroom Design Stylist: Lia from Fallen Feathers (aka Sapphire Demure) This photo stars the girl in red, chanteuse Jessy G, in the middlle as the man/woman, Mia Bella and to the right is the very handsome Johnny Domino!... • read more •

Carnies with Candys’ Halloween Monster’s Ball!

Posted 2nd November, 2010 by

On Saturday night, a few of us Sugar Blue gals went to the Monster’s Ball which was run by Madame Rouge from Carnies with Candy, to model for Sapphire Demure’s fashion label “Fallen Feathers“.  Sapphire painted our horror faces on as we wore her incredible creations on stage. We felt like one of the Carnies that night for sure! Photos by Veronica Mauri And here is the designer... • read more •

Oh Hai!

Posted 27th September, 2010 by

Long time no blog.  Boo me!  But the excellent news now is, I have a brand new Mac.  Not the horrid little HP I had before.  What does this mean for you?  Video tutorials!  More post because I won’t get so cranky at my computer and give up!  Video’s of my cats (the best thing I think) and just more awesome in general.  Huzzah! Oh... • read more •

Face Sleep!!!

Posted 16th August, 2010 by

Gretchen likes to hang out with me when I’m working, whether I’m sewing a costume or answering a billion emails.   It’s very hard work for her, supervising me and making sure I’m not slacking off, and sometimes she just needs a little power nap. Oh gosh!  I can’t even tell you how much it makes me laugh to look over and see her like this. ... • read more •

Sugar Blue International Show in Sweden!

Posted 13th August, 2010 by

Last week, I was joined by other performers from around the globe to put on a special show at the Lindy Hop camp in Herrang, Sweden!   Trixie Royale from Bejing on the right, with Scarlet O’ Harlot who now lives in London doing a tribute to Carmen Miranda!   Trixie Royale with her tribute to Josephine Baker! Introducing our sexy man servent from Switzerland,... • read more •

Tattooed Ladies

Posted 25th July, 2010 by

Hello lovelies! Long time no chat!  I am very sorry!  Things have been quite a lot more insane than I originally expected.  This is the first time I have stopped since I got home 2 weeks ago.  The only reason I have time right now is that my body has finally given up and I am rather ill.  I literally had to force myself out... • read more •

Clara Cupcakes Winner of Miss Burlesque WA!!!

Posted 22nd July, 2010 by

Congratulations to Sugar Blue’s own fabulous Clara Cupcakes for winning the Western Australian heat of Miss Burlesque Australia. She will be competing in the finals in Sydney alongside the other state winners and runners up. A big congratulations to Ginger La Minge to the WA runner – up, titled as Miss Burlesque Perth!! Both girls were outstanding!     • read more •

“Peeping through the Waxworks” Show photos!

Posted 21st July, 2010 by

On Saturday 10th July, we held our second Sugar Blue Revue for the year at the Fly By Night in Fremantle. The theme was “Peeping through the Waxworks Window” so the Sugar Blue gals became their idols.  The show also featured two amazing guest performers – Sydney Burlesque Starlet, Tasia and Michelle Smith, Burlesque Harpist. The amazing photos below are by the fabulous photographer John Leonard!   Betty... • read more •

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! NO, it’s Dita!

Posted 13th July, 2010 by

Dita is now officially a Virgin pin-up!  This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen!  She is on the front of a plane for goodness sake! The plane flies between London and Las Vegas.  The Dita plane was to commemorate the 10th year of Virgin flying that route.   GAH! So glamourous.  Those Louboutins are RIDICULOUS and that corset is to die... • read more •
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