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Win a corset!!

Posted 13th August, 2012 by

Corsets-AU is giving Sugar Blue Burlesque fans a chance to win a corset! For this competition we have not one but three of these beautiful black lace boned corsets to give away, thanks to the kind people at Corsets-AU. Corsets-AU are a corset and accessories company which for over 20 years has been specializing in corsets for fashion and waist-training. Huge selections of sensuous and... • read more •

Falling for Sapphire!

Posted 7th February, 2012 by

I thought it was time to enlighten you, if you dont know her or about her already, is Lia Parravacini (aka Sapphire Demure), one of the driving forces of Sugar Blue Burlesque, who is an inspiration to all who she meets! Lia is a creative genius! Not only is she one of the main teachers at the Sugar Blue Burlesque Academy, she runs the Fresh Faced... • read more •

How to Make an Organza Boa

Posted 4th December, 2011 by

I decided I wanted an organza boa to go with my green costume but the ones in Taurus have raw edges and are a bit scratchy. I saw another performer’s boa the other week that was made from tubes so it was all soft and bunchy (is that even a word?) and thought that was a better way to make it and that I could... • read more •

Sparkle Sparkle

Posted 1st December, 2011 by

The number one question I get asked when talking to people after shows is “Oh my god!!! How do you do you lips like that!”.  By “like that” I mean glitter lips!  Glitter lips are a burlesque make-up staple.  It looks AMAZING on stage.  It add that little extra hint of glamour and faboulousness to your act.  And we can always do with a little... • read more •

My costume inspiration – Catherine D’Lish

Posted 30th April, 2010 by

On the last night of performing of the London Burlesque Festival last week, I had the great pleasure of meeting the one and only Catherine D’Lish! She is not only one of the ladies who revived burlesque in New York in the early 90’s, but she one of the most famous burlesque artiste’s and costume designers in the scene today! She is responsible for a... • read more •

Does Want!

Posted 27th April, 2010 by

So as I have previously stated, I am trying very hard to reduce my consumerism this year by only buying vintage or making it myself.  But being the avid online shopper I am (I think I would have been addicted to buying things out of catalogues if I lived in the 1920s), I just can’t stop browsing the endless aisles of of the world wide web... • read more •

Making Old Thing New Again

Posted 23rd April, 2010 by

Image courtesy of Sense and Sensibility Patterns My goodness!  It’s well into 2010 already!  Over a quarter of the way in as a matter of fact. I am thinking it is going to be a pretty spectacular year in my opinion.  I have so so many things planned already.  I’ve already made many a list in my diary on lovely lined postits (my new favourite thing in... • read more •
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