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Sugar Blue Shop!

Posted 9th April, 2014 by

Check out what’s new in the Sugar Blue Shop! Swarovski Encrusted Pasties (Crystal AB with Black Tassels) 1.75″ $80, 2.25″ $90 Can Can Bra $49 Can Can Shorts $69 Broadway Baby Satin Bra (Peach) $79 Broadway Baby Satin Tap Shorts (Peach) $99 The Spinning Duchess Headband $55 Coco Headband $55 Lady Feather Bottom Bustle $35 each • read more •

Burlesque Basics Collection

Posted 13th March, 2014 by

In December 2013, in collaboration with Fallen Feathers, we launched our Burlesque Basics Collection. We realised that after working in the Burlesque industry for years, that there was nowhere to buy Burlesque costume basics which performers can embellish themselves to create their own unique pieces. Performers always had to rely on getting their basic items made by costume makers or had to make it themselves,... • read more •

Raw Showcase – 6th March

Posted 25th February, 2014 by

Fallen Feathers will be exhibiting the new Burlesque clothing range created together with Sugar Blue Burlesque at the Raw: Natural Born Artists Showcase on the 6th March 2014 at the Bakery. The Raw Showcase will present work by different local artists around Perth. Come down and support Fallen Feathers, Sugar Blue Burlesque and all the other artists at Raw by purchasing a ticket and checking... • read more •

Scarlet Fever Footwear – New Collection – Doom!

Posted 7th February, 2014 by

For those who havent had the pleasure of coming across Scarlet Fever Footwear yet, let me introduce you! Kira Goodey is Perth born and raised – turned Londoner. After working in the fashion industry, Kira change direction and began hand-making luxury bespoke stilettos, wedges, shoes and boots. Her work speaks for itself. Check out her new collection! Check out her facebook page to see her other... • read more •

How to make a mini Sailor Hat!

Posted 30th November, 2013 by

Fancy a bit of a nautical themed outfit but down want to cover up all the hard work you put into your hair? Well, here’s just the ticket! Materials: –Fabric: Scrap corners will do, you really don’t need a lot. I used craft cotton for mine because it’s just a bit stiffer but any fabric will do. If you chose a really light fabric you... • read more •

Pointe shoe nostalgia

Posted 11th September, 2013 by

  My colourful pointe shoes adorn the wall of my living room. My very first pointe shoes are on the end, extremely tattered and worn, but well loved. I think I used them for too long given how soft they became, but it’s hard to move on once pointe shoes feel comfortable, especially when they’re your first pair. A girls’ first pair of pointe shoes... • read more •

How to make Seamed Stockings!

Posted 8th September, 2013 by

What you need: ~Stretch fabric- I used one-way stretch but if you want a little more comfort or have extra shapely pins you might like to try a two way stretch. ~Stretch Overlooking thread- You can use normal overlocking thread but sometimes it can break if you are a little rough while pulling your stockings up. ~Scissors ~Pins The grid is 1 square equals 2.5... • read more •

Shoes, Shoes, Wonderful Shoes!

Posted 27th August, 2012 by

How much cerebral activity have you directed towards your heels lately? We (almost) all love collecting, wearing and shopping for shoes. But have you thought about how different styles of high heels became popular or how that popularity has changed throughout history? And who donned the first ever pair of high heels? Who currently owns the most shoes in the world? How tall is the tallest... • read more •

And the Winners is…

Posted 23rd August, 2012 by

  The lovely people at Corsets-AU have generously given Sugar Blue Burlesque fans a chance to win 1 of 3 gorgeous black laced boned corsets. The competition winners are in!! The lucky winners are: Jodi Robinson U’Llynda De Chiera Monique Mulligan Corsets-AU will be contacting these 3 ladies about sending them their prizes. Congratulations!!! • read more •
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