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Sugar Blue Academy Survey!

Posted 21st April, 2017 by

A huge thank you to all those who took part in our academy survey! We at Sugar Blue have absolutely loved your feedback and have been able to collate your comments to help us improve your Sugar Blue experience.

…as a matter of fact, we’ve already written two new courses into our curriculum based on your feedback!


Born to Burlesque – is our ‘all gender’ burlesque course, celebrating femininity, masculinity, and most importantly, individuality! Our very first B2B course started last Wednesday in Joondalup and you’ll be able to see them perform at our next Fresh Faced Follies Graduation Show!


Advanced Neo Burlesque – we’ve added a new high dance capacity course to cater to our long term advanced dance students. We won’t lie – this course is going to be tough. The course is designed on outcome rather than a curriculum base – what does that mean? It means you’ll be pushed to achieve outcomes rather than specific dance moves or class based tasks. This class will also cover advanced strip, individual performance styles, problem solving and improvisation…if you get your teacher’s approval to do this class (a requirement), be ready to WERK!

We have 2 of these courses already up, but during the year the course will appear at most of the locations so stay tuned:

Thursday 18th May 2017
Balcatta 8pm with The Sugar Duchess (Crazy Horse Theme)
Hilton 8.30pm with Fifi Fontaine (Androgyny Theme)


We have also *adored* some of the general feedback you have given about our academy, teachers and shows throughout the year. Here’s some of the things you wrote to us:

“I have learnt to embrace and love the body that I have – it’s empowering!”

“It’s fun, glamorous, and you give (us) the opportunity to perform in a safe and supportive space. The teachers are genuinely passionate about what they do and very supportive and encouraging.”

“I love the supportive and inclusive atmosphere, teachers who become friends, the community…girl power!!”

“Fun fun fun!!! Lots of different women different backgrounds… great instructors who are truly inspiring.”

“I like how inclusive (classes) are. They not only teach me how to pull some sweet shapes and moves, but also that each body shape is beautiful and more than worthy of performing.”


We at Sugar Blue are humbled to have such a wonderful student base and we’ll strive to keep hitting new highs, delivering fabulous showcases and supporting the burlesque community.

Big love to you all!!


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