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Advanced Neo Burlesque Academy Course!

Posted 20th April, 2017 by

Our Sugar Blue student Survey revealed that a lot of our regular students were wanting a course that was more dance based without curriculum which catered to students at a higher dance capability. So, we have delivered! Thank you for the feedback – we always love to hear from you!

The Advanced Neo Burlesque course will be primarily teaching one main routine throughout the 6 weeks, incorporating some of the following outcomes:

Advanced strip and choreography
Student choreography and individual performance styles
Advanced stage craft and floorwork techniques
Improv. Tasks / exercises
Building on individual characterization
How to put together costumes that are designed for removal
Creativity / problem-solving
Creative uses of standard props and ideas

We have 2 of these courses already up, but during the year the course will appear at most of the locations so stay tuned:

Thursday 18th May 2017
Balcatta 8pm with The Sugar Duchess (Crazy Horse Theme)
Hilton 8.30pm with Fifi Fontaine (Androgyny Theme)

Don’t delay in booking in though as they have already started filling up!

F**k you, pay me. Photo by John Leonard

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