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Sponsor Satan’s Angel: The Movie

Posted 14th June, 2011 by

Satan’s Angel is one of my personal heroes of burlesque for obvious reasons; without her inspiration I would never have got into fire tassel twirling!  She is a true legend having performed since the 60s and having become one of the most well-known burlesque performers of the 20th century with a truly unique and novel talent.

Right now there is a Kickstarter project going to help fund a documentary about her life (and it is a seriously crazy life).  To make the film the producers need $10,000 by 11 July.  In return for your hard cash (which is only taken if the total goal is reached) you receive SWAG.  There is some awesome stuff up for grabs depending on how much you pledge such as CDs, burlesque DVDs, posters, photos and some really exciting stuff if you start pledging $250 and over.

I want to see this film!  But it will only be made with YOUR help.  I have made a pledge of $100.  I seriously implore each of you to donate at least $25 to help make this project happen.

Click through to the Kickstarter page to watch a short clip about the project and see what you can get for your pledge!

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