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A Decade of Decadence by Acacia’s Dreams

Posted 9th August by

{Lifestyle} Sugar Blue Burlesque 10th Anniversary Show

My photography skills were seriously lacking for this post, so apologies for that, due to the events location there was limited seating, so my sister and I grabbed a seat off to the side of the stage, and my pictures were a little far away, but you should be able to get a taster of what
the show was like!
Sugar Blue girls’ performances were impeccable, we started the night off with this wonderful group act, which set the tone for the entire night.

It wasn’t just dancing girls either, we had a huge variety of performers on display, as well as a few vintage pinup and burlesque themed stalls and a bake sale happening on the dance floor. Magnus Danger Magnus was the MC for the evening, and I think they made an excellent choice. He had a wonderful presence on stage and had us rolling with laughter the entire evening. We also had group and solo acts, ranging from vintage 20’s Charleston to strip tease, there was a live band, accompanied by several talented singers, it wasn’t just female performers either! There was a male solo act for the night, The Astonishing Johnny Domino, who performed wonderful strong man fetes whilst removing layers of clothing!

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Female acts included; Amelia Kisses, Cecile Mimieux, Coco Poppins, Ginger Laminge, Kitty Litteur, Lucy Lovegun, Lulu Liqueur, Miss Jane, Penelope Pop, Ruby Slippers, and Scarlet O’Harlot, to name a few! As you can see, there was a wide variety of performers, and this wasn’t even all of them!

Of course, the show would not have been complete without the renowned and world famous A’dora Derriere, the lady who started it all 10 years ago! The founder of Sugar Blue Burlesque, back from touring her acts around the world, to give her performance where it all started, Perth!

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The show was so captivating, it made me want to jump right up and start dancing! Thankfully I found out that Sugar Blue has an Academy with classes available! I’m so excited I don’t know where to start, 1920’s Charleston Dance looks like so much fun, or perhaps Broadway? Or maybe I should stick with the classic and try out Beginners Burlesque?!

Have you tried burlesque dancing before?
Would you consider taking a class?
What class would you choose?

Thanks for stopping by.


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A Decade of Decadence by ‘Lifestyle and Lipstick’

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