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Hooray for Hollywood photos

Posted 24th July, 2012 by

The glamorous ‘Hooray for Hollywood’ show was held on the 14th July 2012 at the Fly By Night, Fremantle. It’s guest star was Miss Burlesque Australia Winner for 2012, Briana Bluebell from Sydney. The show was also MCed by a new MC for Sugar Blue, comedian Bonnie Tessa Davies.

Here are highlights from the show. Photos are by John Leonard.

The Sugar Blue Burlesque Academy Cabaret Chair Dancing Students began the night dancing to ‘The Producer’.
See them in action here:


Coco Poppin paying homage to the Great Cleopatra!

Smokin’ Hot Agatha Frisky at the end of her act of Marlene¬†Dietrich tribute.

Sapphire Demure goes James Bond in her Martini Glass finale!

The hillarious Bonnie Tessa Davies being given some sort of Bum dance by an audience member ūüôā

Tap Dancing girls – Ruby De Lure and Cecile Mimieux.

The lovely Cecile Mimieux

Lulu Liqueur

Here are the girls in action


Here is our very beautiful and glamorous guest star, Briana Bluebell!

Kitty Litteur plays ‘Attack of the 50ft Woman’


The sophisticated Charlie D. Barkle crooning the audience!


Miss Ruby Slippers, playing her ideal as Dorothy from the wizard of oz.


Briana Bluebell goes through the motions of what it can be like being a hollywood star! From fame to disgrace..

The Sugar Blue Burlesque Ladies bring back the balloon dance as a finale to the show. Gorgeous!

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