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Black Market Cabaret 22nd August!

Posted 29th July, 2012 by

Black Market Cabaret

Wednesday August 22nd, 2012
Doors open 7.30pm
The Bakery
233 James St
Presale: General $20 + bf
Concession $18 +bfDoor sales: General $25
Concession $23

Black Market Cabaret brings you entertainment from the dark corners of town. This a show that brings you a variety of burlesque and cabaret performers from Sugar Blue and the greater performing arts community.

Come down to The Bakery to see the best Cabaret, Circus and Burlesque Entertainment in Perth.

Hosted by the very funny and charismatic MC Swingin’ Sammy Poopenmeyer, Black Market Cabaret will feature the following Sugar Blue Burlesque performers!

Agatha Frisky

With a penchant for anything kooky, this frisky minx will spin you round till you don’t know your ups from your downs. Her kinky mix of traditional tease and neo tomfoolery will leave you whipped like cream. If you’re lactose intolerant, beware because agatha frisky puts the cheeeeese in cheesecake.

Foxy La Femme

This sexy lady will shimmy, shake and titillate you with her hypnotizing hips! Foxy has her dancing based in Belly dance but she is fierce on a chair. Watch out as you may see her guest star as the one and only Dolly Parton – not to be missed!

Something Savoy

Sugar Blue Burlesque’s Dakota Peaches and swing partner Robbie, make up ‘Something Savoy’. They teach Lindy Hop and Swing related dance classes in Perth as well as perform regularly in the Sugar Blue Burlesque swing troupe at shows and corporate events. They are dynamic, energetic and lots of fun to watch. You are going to love watching these two fabulous dancers styling it up and going nuts on stage.

We are also so excited to present our feature performers:

Miss Gailforce

Miss Gail Force was blown into existence with charm, grace and the ability to tear phone books in half. A trapeze artist, cabaret, performer and strong woman on the side. Gail Force is all about spectacle and above all a cheeky smile and a twinkle in her eye. She is also the director of Fliptease and Access Circus.
Personal Interests include
• Hanging from heights.
• Spinning multiple hula hoops around her body.
• Ripping phone books in half.
• Bending steel bars.
• Lifting heavy objects

Miss Gail Force has performing since she was a child and over the past 3 years on all four corners of the globe including China, the USA and Europe.

Charlie D. Barkle

Just about everything and nothing can and has been said about Charlie. Imported from the Big Apple, he brings his own unique brand of swing and jazz to the burlesque and cabaret audiences of Perth. He will croon your heart into submission and warm your soul with the dulcet tones of his rich baritone, his shuffley shoes, and of course his snappy suits.

Roxie Sparkles

Roxie Sparkles has been shimmying her way through the Perth Burlesque scene for 3 years and has wowed audiences with her over the top costumes and inventive props. With a love for shiny things and an even greater love for mischief, make sure you keep an eye on this one. She’ll bat those killer lashes and shimmy the night away without the slightest hesitation. Watch those curves though, they’ll have you hypnotised in seconds.

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