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Upcoming Academy Courses!

Posted 1st July, 2017 by


All courses must be pre-booked online. If you don’t have a credit card, please email us to find out other options of payment. All courses are 6 weeks unless advertised otherwise.

Maylands – Mon 7th August (Penelope Pop)
Beginners Burlesque Dance Level 2 (Fever theme)
1920s Charleston Dance

Joondalup – Mon 7th August (The Sugar Duchess)
Beginners Burlesque Dance Level 1 (Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend theme)
Broadway (HAIRSPRAY! theme)

Burswood –Mon 7th August (Lucy Lovegun)
Beginners Burlesque Dance Level 1 (Wild Things theme)
Fan Dance (ZING BOOM – it’s gonna be fan-tastic theme)

East Victoria Park – Tues 8th August (Veruca Sour)
Beginners Burlesque Dance Level 1 (Witchcraft theme)
Intermediate Burlesque Level 1 (Sirens theme)

Hilton – Thurs 10th August (Fifi Fontaine)
Beginners Burlesque Dance Level 1 (Play Boy Bunnies theme)
Intermediate Burlesque Level 1 (General Fontaine’s Army theme)

Balcatta –Thurs 10th August (Cecile Mimieux)
Beginners Burlesque Dance Level 1 (Leopard Ladies theme)
Gogo Dance (Groovy Baby! theme)

Mandurah –Thurs 10th August (Miss Lady Allure)
Beginners Burlesque Dance Level 1 
Solo Burlesque Level 1 

The Fresh Faced Follies Grad Show will be on Wednesday the 20th September 2017 at the Charles Hotel in North Perth for all students.


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