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Posted 7th May, 2010 by

As I type, the lovely travellin’ ladies Adora Derriere and Sapphire Demure are heading back to our shores via auto-gyro or some other contraption from the London Burlesque Festival (sans Trixi Tassels who has decided to leave as for adventures in the world beyond – BOOOOOO!).  They have been teasing us with little postcards of how much fun they have been having via the bookface and the tweeter.  I so wish we all could have gone but feel happy that we could at least take part vicariously through Adora, Sapphire and the internet.  I have been stalking YouTube and all manner of places to see photos and videos of the acts at the festival.  Which is how I came across this little gem.  It’s a performance by Australian expat and teacher for Swing Patrol, Ben Cook.

It’s so awesome!  I have a routine to this song so I just loved watching someone else’s interpretation of the music.  I really like all his breaks and the little comedy nuances. So, so inspiring!

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Until next time my dears!


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