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MBA Experience… Get on the crazy train

Posted 28th October, 2014 by

Captain’s log, stardate 27 September 2014, our destination is Miss Burlesque WA 2014 Final at the Fly by Night.

After a very late night gluing last minute crystals onto tulle and extras onto my unmentionables, because we all know more is more, and a morning spent applying mass amounts of heat to my hair the time was nigh. Months of hard work, costume making, rehearsal after rehearsal were about to come to fruition. It was surreal to be going through the same motions as just the week before, but none the less time to do it all again. Packing up the van with strategic precision, checking, double and triple checking I had everything then we were on the road.


As a first timer surrounded by amazing, talented woman for whom I look up to, I’m not going to lie, I felt out of my depths. But these wonderful ladies were so fabulous backstage; so positive, cool, calm and collected they made me feel so much more comfortable. The evening was a whirlwind filled with ups and downs (things never quite go to plan on stage) and surprises; it flew by! You think you have ages to get ready for your next act and then all of a sudden they are calling your name to get back out on stage. Was exhilarating to be on your toes all night. Just to have been able to perform my favourite, most ridiculous routine (dog routine is so much fun to perform) I was happy. When they called my name I was in a wee bit of shock, it was the most unexpected result for me; exciting, but unexpected… I hadn’t planned that far!

The whole experience, while overwhelming at times, was truly amazing. Being forced to challenge yourself as a performer and share your hard work with such a supportive, positive crowd is magical. Its sounds cliché but it really is a great growing/learning experience, get on the crazy train!

But the journey isn’t over yet, next stop Sydney for the Grand Final!

Lucy Lovegun, signing off.


Ps: thanks everyone, love you long time and thank you for all you splendiferous support.

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