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Lucid Review – Fringefeed 2021

Posted 27th January, 2021 by

4.5 Stars!

Review by Beth Weiss | 27 January 2021
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Sugar Blue Burlesque present Lucid; their latest show which explores the concept of dreams; from the comical, to the bizarre, to the nightmare-ish and the steamy.

A departure from your typical burlesque, each performance in Lucid offered a glimpse into a various dreamscape; each vastly different to each other. We are offered playful, sultry, peculiar and even dark performances from each of the performers as they interpreted the nature of dreams through the art of burlesque.

Each performer had brilliant stage presence; and truly knew how to work both the stage and the audience. Their routines were perfectly executed and performed with striking confidence. The audience is provided an experience, a collective otherworldly journey like nothing else I have ever seen before.

Host Sugar Du Joure opened the show, preluding each performance with comical musings of the bizarre nature of her own dreams. She even mentioned the ‘too much cheese before bed’ dreams – to my amusement was something I thought I only experienced. Sugar should be commended for her fantastic stage presence, hilarious commentary and audience engagement. She truly sets the tone for everything Lucid is about.

Lucid was overall an extremely slick production. The performers truly seem to love what they do; their personalities shone through when they were up on stage. Their costumes were dazzling, and really heightened the glamour that we know and love about burlesque.

For me personally, I found Lucid an incredibly empowering watch which celebrates the alluring beauty of the female form. A true showcase of talent, the Sugar Blue performers should be extremely proud of what they have pulled off.

High-energy, captivating and very cheeky from the beginning, Lucid is like a dream you won’t want to wake up from… quite literally.

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