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Hotel Jarretelle 2011 – Belgium Burlesque Festival!

Posted 7th September, 2011 by

In July this year, I was lucky enough to be part of Hotel Jaretelle, which was the Belgium Burlesque Festival held
in Gent. I taught some masterclasses  and got to see the fantastic show that they had running for over a week!
2 shows a night – for a performer, its tough, 2 acts, twice a night for 10 days!

Here is one of my masterclasses that I taught.

Missy Fatale, a lady who began her Burlesque education with me in Perth, Australia, is now a very popular and
sort after artiste in Europe. She was one of these awesome performers in the show. Below you will see a clip
put together of the this awesome festival! You will see me teaching my showgirl class! So much fun with so many girls.

The fantastic company behind this festival is Radio Modern, they run swing party’s and burlesque shows and classes throughout the whole of Belgium! Very talented and innovative group of people! I love them!

The other fabulous lady I met was Lady Flo from Neo Retro.  She organised all the masterclasses and is an awesome MC, charleston dancer and singer. She is a total powerhouse of a lady and I admire her lust for life!! Here is a clip of her doing her thing:

Next stop, Berlin, and then the Paris Burlesque Festival !

xx A’dora Derriere

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