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Stockholm Burlesque Festival – A review!

Posted 18th October, 2012 by

I was lucky enough to be one of the performers at the 2nd Annual Stockholm Burlesque Festival 2012!

Produced by The Amazing Knicker Kittens, Fräulein Frauke & John Paul Bichard, it was 4 day festival (11-14th October 2012), but I was only able to be there for 3 of them. The 2 main shows were on the Friday & Saturday night were in a fabulous venue which held the shows in 2 rooms. They had a taster show on the smaller room at the beginning of the night, leading through to a bigger room with a bigger stage and some racked seating after an interval.

On the Saturday night, they even held a tassel twirling competition in the smaller room before they opened up the second room for the big show! Headliners of this festiv

al were LouLou D’vil from Finland, Luna Rosa and Fancy Chance from the UK.


All photos on this blog entry, are by the awesome photographer and co-producer of the festival John Paul Bichard, who also had his own exhibition of his marvelous photos at the main show venue!

On the Sunday, the festival brunch was held at the Scandic Malman Hotel, which is where I stayed as well. Its a very modern, rock n roll hotel!! For the brunch the hotel food was delicious and we were entertained by jazz from a singing Fräulein Frauke  andVelma Voluptuous. What a great day!!

So, here are some of the shots from the festival. Enjoy!! It was a well produced, friendly festival and the crowd was ace!

So, here I am performing my Bondage Black Swan. It seems that the Swedish like a bit of whips and asses! Luckily 🙂 Yes, the act went down a treat! I was happy!


Below are the MCs for the festival. I was blown away by them both!! I simply couldnt get enough of them!!
On the left is Madame Magduschka from Sweden (who played a Russian madame) and on the right is Laurie Hagen from the UK (who was a French hottie.. I wanted to eat her up!!)


So, when it came to my highlights of the festival, I just dont know where to begin, but firstly we have a performer who stood out! Lady Lou is a kiwi gal who is currently living in Berlin. She blew me away. Her costume and performance – Amazing! She even did a bit of contact juggling! Was awesome!


And who did I meet at the festival, but none other than Brisbane performer La Viola Vixen who is also currently living in Berlin. Ill be going to Berlin in November to perform in a show that the two of these berlin based gals are producing, called the Sunday Soiree Burlesque. Cant wait to see them again – what fabulous ladies!!

The lady with the hot body and the gold glitter all over her is another kiwi born lass,  Sophia St. Villier  who currently resides in the UK like me. She is smokin’!!! She also runs Naked Girls Reading in London, and you can see why. Next to her is a performer that I loved! Her name is Lilly Tiger from Germany. Such a fun and sexy act and she is the master of faces! I love love love this gal!


There were also a couple of Boylesque Performers, who were fab! This guy below is Canadian Wrong Note Rusty.

Below from New York is the very talented and flexible Apathy Angel!   Very cool stuff!

Here is the other boylesque star.  Bent Van Der Bleu, from Finland with tassels on his ass, you couldnt stop this guy!!


Oh, Miss Glory Pearl from the UK. She is hillarious and one of my favourite performers to watch. What a hot granny 🙂


Ruby Luscious from Sweden! Classic and beautiful and very very sexy!!


I met these girls below in Paris last year and I fell in love with them!! Blackbird Burlesque Cabaret are amazing! Well choreographed and gorgeous costumes, amazing singer, beautiful dancers!! Need I say more! I wanted more!

The beautiful  Fräulein Frauke below singing and dancing. She was so wonderful to watch. Her look was perfect!! How can someone be so talented in performing and also an obviously fabulous producer!!

This act below I loved!! These gals could shake their asses! wow!! Yvette Les Fesses & Ivoncita from Sweden.


Then we had some comedy. The 2 ladies from Les Femmes Brachiales from Berlin, which tore down the house with laughter, absolutely brilliant.  To the right we have the amazing and one of the most experimental performers out there in the Cabaret world, Fancy Chance from the UK/USA.


Thought Id finish with an amazing pic of the gorgeous LouLou D’vil! What a festival!!

xxx A’dora Derriere!!

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