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FRINGEWORLD 2017 – Expose: Volume II (4 stars)

Posted 13th February, 2017 by

Posted on February 8, 2017

Review by Amanda Lancaster


For those of you late night fringe goers and after-darkers out there looking for that particular performance to fit  just right in your adult time slot -this is the one for you. Highly anticipated after their first sell out FRINGEWORLD debut in 2015, Sugar Blue Burlesque are finally back at FRINGEWORLD 2017 and ready to serve up seconds of the fetish and fantasy feast that had you all wanting more last time.

Expose: Volume II  is the much awaited encore to the original adults-only cabaret show. This time selected for your personal viewing pleasure is a variety of international and local award-winning acts in a series of intoxicating performances that can only be described as FRINGEWORLD foreplay. The very hot rating and accompanying content warnings, while being definitely well earned, cannot prepare you for the type of acts and reactions you’re about to experience.

Those unfamiliar with the art forms of burlesque, cabaret, and even the provocative variety-style shows this company are well known for will soon realise why they are one of the most popular people’s choices again and again.
It is impossible to convey with mere words the sheer phenomenal talent and mastery the cast demonstrate throughout the hour. Strength, endurance, flexibility, grace, taboo topics, vocal mastery, circus, and burlesque performances one after the other in an increasingly more intense tempo.

For those of you uninitiated wide-eyed newcomers to the  wonderful world of  the sexy spectacle, Expose: Volume II exemplifies a fabulous variety of some of the best of the best you’re likely to see anywhere. And for you other seasoned show goers, the guys know exactly how you like it. Of particular note for myself  during the night’s  performance is without a doubt the Perth duo from Circus Kinetica and their tantalising bath-time tease.

And of course what would a night of naughtiness be without your cheeky chaperone? Racy, rambunctious, and raring to go is hostess –  Stay Slippers. As sparkly as the name suggests, wielding her speedy wit like a whip it might perhaps be more fitting to label her  ‘Ringmistress’  and audience tamer. Charming the opening night sell-out audience and smoothing over the small delays between setting up acts our leading lady keeps up the crowd’s momentum to a buzzing level. Her playful interactions with those fortunate enough to snare spots in the front row,  her adroit smoothing of opening-night technical difficulties, as well as fielding the surprise “interruptions” from audience and acts alike are flawless.

If you’re easily offended this may not be the show for  you, then again maybe it is! Get ready for an encore of exotic, erotic, and epic proportions because if opening night is anything to go by, the biggest challenge to the prospective audience may be that of managing to snag tickets against such high demand!

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