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FRINGE WORLD 2024 Shows!!

Posted 2nd January, 2024 by

Sugar Blue Burlesque is presenting two shows at the 2024 FRINGE WORLD Festival!

Enjoy a feast for your eyes at Le Buffet du Cabaret!

Sugar Blue Burlesque is serving up a smorgasbord of sumptuous shows sure to whet your appetite and leave you craving second helpings. Australian draglesque star Ruby Slippers will be your Maître D, guiding you through the menu of mouth watering acts.

This FRINGE WORLD Feast will be cooking up Michelin Star burlesque, delicious drag, chef-kissed circus and more. Isn’t it time to sink your teeth into something new?

Dates: Wednesday 31st January – Sunday 4th February 2024
Tickets HERE!

Step into a world of glamour & desire, where Excess knows no bounds, Obsession reigns supreme & Indulgence takes centre stage with APHRODISIA. Experience a positively hedonistic night of Burlesque as our alluring cast seduce your senses, tantalise your every whim & tease your funny bone as we revel in the art of indulgence.

Witness lavish costumes, captivating choreography and comedic antics as we weave a narrative of fantasy & sensual strip tease where gluttony is never a sin & too much is never enough.

Indulge our deepest desires & surrender to the intoxication of APHRODISIA, featured at the 2024 season of FRINGE WORLD Festival in Perth!

Dates: Wednesday 14th, Thursday 15th February 2024 – 7pm
Sunday 18th February 2024 – 6pm & 8pm
Tickets HERE!

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